Delta Community Baptist Church
About Delta

                                    Who We Are and What We Believe

Delta Community Baptist Church is a congregation of people from different walks of life.  It is a place where all people are welcome.  It is a neighborhood church that feels like a family. 

Our worship services include traditional hymns, contemporary worship songs, and messages designed to touch hearts with relevant, fresh, and challenging insights from God's Word.

Delta's rich history began in the early 1940's.  Delta was founded by First Baptist Church of Everett to help bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the North Everett, Snohomish River delta area.

Delta is affliliated with the American Baptist Churches, USA.  We believe the Bible is the complete, inspired Word of God and salvation comes only through a relationship with God's Son, Jesus Christ.

                                                    What People Say

"...something was missing from my life.  I tried many different churches, but the moment I walked in and sat down at Delta, I knew I was in the right place..."

"...Delta is a warm and friendly church..."

"...I had tried various other churches and was unhappy with them.  I liked the smallness of Delta, as well as the friendly people there."

"We came to Delta in 1993.   ...everyone made us feel right at home."

"I've been going to Delta for about 18 years.  [The Word] is preached faithfully.  I love and appreciate the members of Delta.  They have become very dear and trusted friends...  The children and their ministry are very important.  Our adult choir is the best!  I really like it that we have another church using our building.  It is a blessing for all of us."

"We had been visiting churches...looking for one that believes as we do, we both felt comfortable at, and just felt like family.  We found that at Delta.  We enjoyed [the pastor's] message and his 'down to earth' personality.  We found the people...warm and friendly."

"...I didn't come to church very regularly, but one of the things that is so great about Delta is that every time I did come to church, I was made to feel welcome and like I had come home."

"... [The sermons] are always Bible-based and preached in a way that we can understand."

"The first day I walked into Delta I was a single mom with two children.  The first day I walked out of Delta I was part of the biggest family I could ever imagine.  ...I knew I had found a home...  I found no judgment for the way I had come, just joy that I had."

Our Mission Statement

ChangingĀ our community
and the world

with the love of Christ.

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